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, not trayvon martin. >> you said you heard the tape several times, is that mainly listening to it on tv? >> yes. >> were you able to identify mr. zimmerman's voice during the first time you listened to it? yes, my immediate reaction to it was, that is george's voice. >> that's georgy. >> it's george zimmerman, and i wish to god i did not have the ability to recognize that. >> i pushed away from the table and shook my head and said, i can't tell. >> and the judge rules the jury will hear about trayvon martin's alleged pot use. joining us to talk about a busy day in court, mark o'mara. mark, busy day. pretty important day in many ways. how significant is this late breang decision to allow trayvon martin's toxicology report including his cannibis use to be made available to the court? >> good evening, piers, it's good to chat with you again. we thought this day was coming, the judge had initially said we could not present that evidence until we were able to tie it up in terms of being relevant. we knew we would have a toxicologist come in to say that any level of pot in the system could have some
. a jury that today heard impartii impassioned closing arguments from the pruce. trayvon martin was there. he was there legally. he bought skittles or iced tea or whatever it's called. that was his crime. >> six women, five mothers, will decide if trayvon martin acted in self-defense. the judge said the jury may also consider the lesser charge of manslaughter. the state hammered away at the notion that the unarmed teen-ager was the aggressor. >> why does the defendant get out of the car if he thinks he's a threat to him? why? because he's got a gun. he's got the equalizer. he's got to take care of it. he's a wanna-be cop. >> sanford martin, what day. very, very dramatic, highly emotional, that closing argument from the prosecutor. i found it gripping to watch and i have to say if i was a member of that jury, very compelling. >> you're absolutely right. let me point out the significant difference between the way the closing statement by the prosecution differed from the opening statement. if you remember that, it was almost like a physical blow when they delivered that string of curse word
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2